Barnet Sustainability Framework Note December 2021

Update 23 December 2021

  • Barnet’s Sustainability Strategy Framework was unanimously passed through at their Policy and Resources Committee meeting of 9 December (details below).
  • A number of points raised by Councillors (highlighted in the press story from the Barnet Borough Times Barnet Council ‘to achieve net zero emissions by 2030’) were set out in our BCAG briefing paper that we posted online ahead of the meeting, see below.
  • The report also states that “The council will carry out public engagement with residents to allow them to shape the development of the strategy in the new year. A public consultation will then be held in the spring, before the strategy is adopted by the council.” BCAG will be looking to take an active role in responding to this public consultation.

BCAG will be reviewing the Sustainability Strategy Framework in our January 2022 online meeting: a date for this meeting will be announced shortly. We look forward to seeing you then.

At Barnet Council’s Policy and Resources Committee (PRC) meeting, taking place on 9 December 2021, the agenda will include some long awaited detail on Barnet’s forthcoming Sustainability Strategy, said to be released in the new year. BCAG have produced the forthcoming briefing note on the Framework document and sets out some key requirements to ensure the Strategy is a success.

Download Barnet Sustainability Framework Note December 2021 (PDF 575 Kb, 6 pages)