We had a useful catch-up meeting on 28 September. We covered a number of areas of interest to members. As far as our core activities go, we don’t have enough people willing and able to develop a fully-fledged Climate Plan, but a draft document has been written. Get in touch if you would like to help to round it out. We are also following progress made by the council on their Sustainability Strategy.

4 October 2021: Peter Piper has updated his page Barnet’s air quality. Why we should be concerned with news of the latest air quality monitors installed in Barnet.

Outline map of Barnet with the words "A climate plan for Barnet, Sunday 16th May 2 to 5 pm"We are assembling reports and notes from the online Climate Plan Workshop on 16 May 2021: see the Barnet Climate Plan page. If you have any information which you think would be useful, please send it to the webmaster at the address below. I am happy to publish more lengthy pieces on their own pages on this site, or to add links pointing to existing items elsewhere on the Internet. If you send me a link, please provide a couple of sentences of description so that our readers can make informed decisions as to whether to click on it.

Barnet Climate Action Group (BCAG) is made up of concerned residents of the London Borough of Barnet from across faith, cultural, environmental & political organisations, wanting to take action tackling our current climate emergency.

BCAG has met monthly since May 2019 at St Mary’s Church Finchley to explore opportunities for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and wider environmental action in the borough of Barnet. After a brief hiatus during lockdown – we have started meetings again online.