Progress in Barnet

Update 2 February 2022: See also the page Barnet Sustainability Framework Note December 2021 about the Sustainability Strategy Framework document published by the council.

Update 29 October 2021: the Leader of Barnet Council, Councillor Dan Thomas, has released a statement about sustainability. See

Update 10 August 2021: see BCAG response to local plan.

Update 12 July 2021.  See Local Plan Briefing Note for more on the Local Plan.

Update 28 June 2021. The Local Plan has now reached the “Regulation 19” stage. See note below under Local Plan.

Update 1 June 2021. Barnet Council has issued a Scoping Report for the Environmental Impact Assessment for the Hendon Hub project. The details are on the Hendon Hub web site In case the link gets removed from that site, you can download the document (152 pages, PDF, 9MB) from the council’s planning documents web site at (the link to the PDF is on that page). The Scoping Report discusses many of the possible environmental impacts of the project. It is an outline description of what may or may not be included in the Environmental Impact Assessment. The Scoping Report is formally submitted by the council project team to the council planning department as a request for a Scoping Opinion (though the document itself was prepared by a contractor GL Hearn).

Update 28 May 2021. Barnet Council’s Environment Committee’s meeting on Wednesday 2 June 2021 has a Member item (PDF 270 KB) for consideration involving the formation of a Barnet’ Citizen’s Climate Emergency Panel.  Update 28 June 2021: it was predictably not passed (

Here are some links to pages and documents about how Barnet is doing in reducing our contribution to climate change.

1. Local Plan

Update 10 August 2021: see BCAG response to local plan.

Update 12 July 2021.  See Local Plan Briefing Note for more on the Local Plan.

Update 28 June 2021. The Local Plan has now reached the “Regulation 19” stage. This means that a new version has been published and is open for consultation as to its ‘soundness’. Full details are on the council’s web site at

Barnet consulted on their Local Plan in January 2020 (in a consultation which concluded in March 2020). The full document can be viewed here.

Chapter 10 of the Draft Local Plan concerns the borough’s “Environment and Climate Change” priorities. Individual chapters of the document, including Chapter 10, can be accessed here.

Barnet Council published a Supplementary Planning Guidance document on Green Infrastructure in 2017, to supplement the previous (2012) Local Plan. It can be downloaded here.

2. Sustainability Strategy

Update April 2022, a bit late. There is more information about the progress on the Sustainability Strategy in the meeting notice for the February 2022 meeting.

The March 2021 meeting of Barnet Council’s Environment Committee included a useful paper outlining Barnet Council’s plans to produce their first Sustainability Strategy. The paper states that work on the Sustainability Strategy began in 2020 and the Strategy will look to bring together the work being done on existing strategies, as well as proposing actions to support a green recovery from COVID-19. The strategy will combine the sustainability aspects of existing strategies and plans, such as the Long Term Transport Strategy (see the final version here – Appendix A of agenda item 7), the Growth Strategy and the Air Quality Action Plan.

Barnet Council state in the paper that “the development of a Sustainability Strategy is an opportunity for the Council to consider the merit of highlighting environmental outcomes by being more explicit about measures where there is an environmental focus or benefit…. The Sustainability Strategy will also serve to outline the Council’s response to existing and emerging legislation, such as the Environment Bill, while creating a framework which will assist the Council in the development of future strategies, and when reviewing existing strategies. Such a framework is increasingly becoming a prerequisite for securing a range of GLA and Central Government grant funding initiatives. It also helps to clarify our plans and vision for the sustainability of the borough to support any applications for funding.

3. Reduction and Recycling Plans

Local authorities are developing their Reduction and Recycling Plans (RRPs) setting out key actions for cutting waste and boosting recycling for the period 2018-2022. The RRPs are used to drive and promote local activity that will also play an important role helping to achieve the Mayor’s London-wide targets to cut food waste by 50 per person and achieve 65 per cent municipal waste recycling by 2030.

Barnet’s 2019 paper on the RRP can be found here (PDF 340K).

A 2020 update can be found here.

4. Barnet Council Environment Committee

The Environment Committee is responsible for all borough-wide or cross-constituency matters relating to the street scene including, parking, road safety, lighting, street cleaning, transport, waste, waterways, refuse, recycling, allotments, parks, trees, crematoria and mortuary, trading standards and environmental health.

Dates of meetings, papers and members of the committee can be seen here.

5. Elsewhere On the Barnet Council web site

6. News Links

We have a separate page News Links to local news stories.

7. Datasets

Friends of the Earth local authority data page

We have put the Barnet data in a PDF FOE How climate friendly is your area BARNET.pdf.

8. Home Energy Conservation Act (HECA) report

Local authorities have to provide a ‘Home Energy Conservation Act (HECA)’ report every two years.

The government guidance is here:

The 2019 response from Barnet is here: Barnet HECA REPORTING 2019 v4.docx (Word document).