Barnet Climate Plan

We held an online Climate Plan Workshop (meeting notice) on 16 May 2021 to discuss citizen, business and council climate action needed in the London Borough of Barnet to respond to the Climate Emergency.


We are preparing reports from the various sessions on different topics from that workshop. So far we have:


There was some discussion at the Climate Plan workshop of the need to share information. If you have more information that needs a more stable home than Facebook or Instagram, we could publish it as a page on this web site. If you have information already published on the Internet, we could provide a link here. Each link should be accompanied by a couple of sentences of description — enough for the reader to work out whether it is what they are looking for. Contact the webmaster at the address below.

This list is likely to get a bit long and rambling.  Please excuse the idiosyncratic numbering system: having numbers helps navigation, but I want to add new items at the top of the list.