20 June 2022: Dennis Ayling has written an article “Biodiversity and climate change in North London” with particular emphasis on the Dollis Brook and River Brent.

25 May 2022: Barnet Council has declared a climate emergency following the election in which the Labour Party won a majority of the seats. See the council news release and the Barnet Borough Times article.

We met online on Tuesday 31 May 2022, and discussed what Barnet should be prioritising in terms of energy and climate, in the light of recent election results.

Barnet Climate Action Group (BCAG) is made up of concerned residents of the London Borough of Barnet from across faith, cultural, environmental & political organisations, wanting to take action tackling our current climate emergency.

BCAG has met on an almost monthly basis since May 2019 to explore opportunities for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and wider environmental action in the borough of Barnet. Issues covered have ranged from reducing carbon emissions from homes in Barnet, London’s future transport plans, planning and climate change, the roll out of electric vehicles in the suburbs to briefing on COP26.

Our focus has been to look at what all sectors of the borough, from residents and local businesses, to the council and wider public sector, can all do to help reduce emissions and contribute to a greener borough. As a result of the impacts of Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdown, there are now calls to not only ‘build back better’ but also ‘build back greener’.